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We want to create unique sport and leisure hub in Krakow intended for all cyclists -  children and seniors, beginners and advanced, people with disabilities, amateurs and professionals, road and mountain cyclists, commuters, BMXs and other. We want to turn Krakow into the cycling capital of Poland, giving everyone an opportunity to try, practice and develop their skills in multiple cycling disciplines, both niche and mainstream. We want to propagate this most ecological mean of transportation, after all, a person on a bike is the most efficient animal on earth!

We keep the landscape in mind, take care of an environment and follow the principles of Sustainable Development and Smart City.

We are an enthusiastic and experienced team and we create the Bike Park in Krakow.



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is our main and the most spectacular project.

At the cycle paths junction by the Vistula river levees in Przegorzały, the cycling heart of the city, we will build a unique, multidisciplinary bike park. The park will be

a sport and activity centre, combining cycling infrastructure for at least 10 disciplines at various levels of difficulty. Every cyclist will find something for themselves and the most importantly, all facilities will be free of charge and open to the public at all times.

Next to cycling trails and parks there will be a leisure area with the following facilities; a chill zone, cafe, bike rental shop, bike repair workshop, bike wash station, toilets, etc.

Here you will also find a bike school for kids and adults, giving everyone the opportunity to take on new challenges and practice in safe conditions with qualified instructors.

We anticipate the Krakow Bike Park will host bike shows, festivals and national or international competitions.

* the plan and all photos are for conceptual purposes only, the final shape of the park will be determined at the design stage.


will be a set of easy and very easy singletrails with a natural, dirt surface, designed for children from 2 to 15 years of age, located right at the foot of the Kosciuszko Mound. There will be 3-4 downhill trails, one uphill trail and a small pumptrack loop. These trails will also be nature trails, taking the young cyclists on an educational trip through the local flora, developed with a motto Nature-Fun- Adventure.

The Bike Garden will be free of charge and open to the public at al times.

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is our third project. It will be a varied off-road trail, with a  natural surface for mountain bikers, winding and undulating for the maximum fun. The basic circuit is 2.5 km in length and will be easy to ride for all levels of cyclists. This loop will contain multiple junctions leading to more technical sections with obstacles and/or steeper terrain, which will extend the loop to about 3.5 km. Of course free of charge and open to public use at all times.


  • To create cycling spots for all disciplines, all ages and skill levels.

  • To have public access to the created infrastructure.

  • To ensure accessibility for people with special needs.

  • To develope in line with the ideas of Sustainable Development and the Smart City.

  • To organize training, competitions, shows, festivals and other events which promote cycling.


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